Vinyl tarp is one of the flexible products. It is ideal for industrial, military, commercial, and agricultural uses. This Tarp provides long-lasting and exclusive protection against problems like punctures, liquids, rips, oil, abrasion, grease, wind, acid, and others. Most of the industries are using vinyl tarps than other material. It has extended lifespan and resistant to both manmade as well as natural elements. The durability of the vinyl tarp is improved through the seams of heat-sealed and also laminated multiple layers of the material.

The Stone-shade-tarp offers a huge range of vinyl tarp products at the affordable. You can purchase the vinyl tarpaulin based on the needs and specification. It is 100% durable and waterproof so you can use it for outdoor purposes. The vinyl tarps are available in different sizes and colors. It is made up of high-quality material and advanced technology that offer long durability.


Features of Vinyl Tarps

The Vinyl tarp is made of the high strength material. It is durable and long-lasting fabrics that perfectly suits for construction covers, industrial roof tarps, weather covers, containment liners, and others. This tarp includes the reverse overlaps on the cover edges. The reverse overlap is described as the female and male edges. It allows joining the tarp panels mutually by creating the seal for the enclosure. It is corrosion proof grommets and serious duty reinforced webbing. The entire commercial vinyl tarp is approved to meet construction standards. The tarp includes the internal center seams with the grommets down and webbing the center of the vinyl tarp for great attachment points. The vinyl tarp has exclusive features such as

• Reinforced corner patches

• Heat welded seams

• PVC Coated Vinyl

• Reinforced grommets and webbing on every edge

• Different colors and size

• Reinforced grommets and webbing on the internal center of the tarp

Applications of Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl Tarp is the most popular product. It is specially designed for commercial purposes. The heat sealed joint offers extra defense against the components used in the vital applications like an oil rig, pollution cover, high-stress truckload tarps, refinery component covers, and others. The Fire retardant vinyl covers are mostly utilized as the asbestos containment tarps, fire department salvage tarps, and others. It is also used around the commercial and residential place in the drought-stricken areas prone to the wildfires. The fire retardant tarp holds to the high-standard which suits commercial purposes.


If you need to purchase the vinyl tarp then the Stone-shade-tarp is the best place. It offers high-quality tarp to the customer. They not only offer quality tarp but also provide affordable vinyl tarp. They can manufacture different size vinyl tarps to meet the project needs. The vinyl tarps use the laminate and coated vinyl with the low temperature, high pliability, and cold crack resistance. The vinyl tarp is used for different applications such as

• Industrial roof covers

• Debris and dust control

• Weather covers

• Building enclosures

• Construction covers

• Manufacturing Industry

• Industrial paint overspray

• Trucking

• Boatyards And Farming

• Containment liners

The tarps are waterproof fabric, clear, canopy, neoprene, coated and fire retardant, clear. With the help of vinyl tarps, you can also protect the garden. It keeps the plant secure and away from the unwanted heat. You can use the cover around the residential place that keeps the home cool.


Benefits of using the Vinyl Tarp

This type of cover can withstand the wind and water for use as a banner, field cover and gym floor covers. It offers extra protection against the different elements. The vinyl tarps have great abrasion resistance and wind whip resistance. So it is perfect use for industrial equipment covers, gym floor cover and truck PVC tarpaulins. It is also suitable for all season outdoor covers.


The high resistance is one of the benefits of using this tarp. It is weather resistant, mildew resistant, UV resistant, tear resistant, and others for maximum life expectancy. So the people are investing their money in the vinyl tarps. The asbestos and salvage tarps are used for fire departments and construction sites. There are huge benefits of using vinyl tarps such as

Ø The commercial vinyl tarp is used for different purposes such as banner, gym floor cover, fencing, and others.


Ø The tarps are available in different thicknesses, color, weights, sizes, and grades. You can choose the tarps based on your needs.

Ø This Tarp is constructed strong and thick for heavier applications.

Ø It is manufactured with excellent quality. The vinyl covers are multi-layered that used for commercial purposes.


Ø It stands up to high and low temperatures. You can use this cover for -40 degrees and 160 degrees.

Ø It offers excellent tear resistance that used for truck freight, equipment coverage and others in extreme situations.


Ø One of the benefits of using vinyl cover is an affordable price. It is also made up of high-quality material that enhances durability.

Ø The cover is waterproof that protection against the wind, water, and other elements is paramount in protecting your equipment, structure, and materials.


Ø It is available in different size so the vinyl covers do not get smaller under the typical environments.

Ø The vinyl cover is reusable material.

Ø It helps contain dust, airborne, debris, and other particulates during the construction.


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The vinyl tarp is best-selling covers in the market for its exclusive applications, cost, and features. You can see this cover used in farming, construction, agriculture, trucking, and other industries. The Stone-shade-tarp provides best vinyl cover to the customers based on their needs. It is used for commercial and personal purposes to protect the material and structure from the wind. The leading manufacturer offers any size vinyl cover to meet the client needs. You can purchase the vinyl cover online at a reasonable price. They provide special discounts on the vinyl tarp that help you save huge money.